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Get Your Music Heard on Spotify Playlists

In todays world, we no longer have to put in much effort to find music that will satisfy our ears taste buds. Algorithms are everywhere. If you have used Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix or Amazon then your already being effected by them. Spotify is no different. Their algorithm will learn and adapt to everything you do while using their service. It creates a profile that will then begin predicting music you will like and then bring it to you.

You may be thinking, how can we compete with that? Curated playlists! You know, that playlist you found that takes you back to a different time, or that one that gets you pumped for the gym! These playlists aren't created by Spotify. They are created by people like you and me! So how do we get on them and how can they help us get more streams?


1. Get Your Music on Streaming Platforms

If you haven't made this step yet, check out How to Get Your Music on Streaming Platforms!

2. Get Verified

Curators want to make sure they're dealing with serious artists. Verifying your artist profile can give you the upper hand when competing for a feature.

Spotify makes the verification process pretty simple. Verify your artist profile on Spotify

3. Update Your Artist Profile

Once verified, you can login to Spotify for artists. This is where you can make your self stand out! First impressions are huge! Updating the following can go a long way with curators.

  • Profile image

  • Header image

  • Add photos to the image gallery on your about page

  • Add a bio

  • Add social media links in the more info section

  • Add concert dates

  • Select a featured song for the top of your page

4. Find the Right Playlists

There are many ways to find playlists that fit your sound. One of the easiest is to just do some quick research. If you page shows a "similar artist" page. Click on each artist and select their about section. If they are on a playlist it will show in the "Discover on" section.

Pro Tip: The listen to follower ratio is important! If there are 1000 followers but only 13 listeners then there is not much to gain from it. The more listeners, the more potential plays.

Open the lists with higher listener counts and look in the description. Many times they will include information for submissions. If not, look for social media links to contact them through. If both are absent from the description you may have to dig a little deeper. Directly under the description is the curators username. Do a google search of that name and see if social media links or websites populate. With any luck something will appear giving you a way to contact them.

Another option is to search for your genre or mood you want associated with you song. Hit "see all" in the playlist category and go from there. For example: Genre (Post Hardcore) or Mood (Angry).

5. The Pitch

Curators come in all different shapes and sizes.

  • Radio stations

  • Music bloggers

  • Magazines

  • Melophiles (music enthusiast)

  • Your nosey neighbor you didn't know liked medieval folk rock.

It helps to identify what type they are in order to write a better pitch. Some get a large amount of submissions a day. It pays to set yourself apart from all the artists who just jump in and ask for a feature. If possible, show them that you actually enjoy their selections and compliment their playlist(s) by liking and commenting on Facebook or instagram posts related to the matter. They may be a curator but they are also people so remember to be respectful.

When you'r ready to make the pitch, be brief and to the point. Explain how your song was made for this playlist and this is why.

  1. Same genre (post hardcore),

  2. The lyrics match the mood (sad),

  3. The tempo matches the theme (fast songs to run to).

  4. Gender matches the title (women of metal and rock)

Provide direct links to your song as well as to social media and end it with appreciation for their time.

6. Promote Your Success

If your song made the cut, make sure everyone knows about it. In the words of Paul Stanley "Shout it out loud!" Use your social media to makes sure people find that playlist and jam it!

Don't forget to follow up with this curator as you release new material. Build relationships with them, it will help you in the long run.


Did you find success in Spotify playlists? If so what was your approach?

Let us know in the comments.


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